servicesWater Treatment Process

The holistic service that Chertsey Engineering Pte Ltd is providing involves the technical and engineering support starting from the extraction from the water sources all the way to the final product of treated water that is distributed to the households. Water is extracted from various sources like rivers, ponds and boreholes. Water extracted will go through the initial stage of water treatment – Aeration. In the aeration process, unwanted gas is removed and the bacteria in the water is under control. The water then goes through the second stage of Chemical Mixing and Coagulation where Alum and Lime are added to the water. These chemicals neutralize the charge on the particles causing water turbidity. Once neutralized, particles no longer repel each other and can be brought together. In a number of the treatment plants, we also added water-soluble organic polymers in the particle charge neutralization process. Coagulation is also a process for the removal of the colloidal-sized suspended matter.

The third stage is Flocculation & Sedimentation. Flocculation is the process of bringing together the destabilized or coagulated particles to form a larger agglomeration. Sedimentation is the removal suspended and settling particles that have been coagulated and flocculated.

Finally, the water goes through the Filtration process which reduce the concentration of dissolved solid. In the treatment plants, we use this process together with a softening process where we remove the calcium and magnesium which causes water hardness.